About me

I have been painting since my first 'Painting by Numbers' at about 9/10 years of age. I simply fell in love with the colours. Being an only child, I could immerse myself for hours, uninterrupted, in perfect bliss.

I took Art and Pottery 'A' level at school and wanted to go to Art College. However, love marriage and children took over. When my children were babies I enlised on Art classes at local adult education, including Drawing, Portraiture, Life Drawing, Pottery and Botanical Painting. Some of these subjects I found very restricting - so later tried a watercolour course at SCOLA. With the help of a fantastic tutor, my life changed with this medium. I was totally hooked! It was so exciting - the way the paint works, the colours, the transparency and vibrancy that can be achieved.

After many years I was encouraged to join some local Art Groups. More opportnity was opened for me to move forward. I also retired from work and took over one of our bedrooms as a studio. This made life so much easier to paint - I had the time, the place and made lots of new friends who gave help and encouragement. I continue to attend courses and workshops from local professional artists who give me lots of help, advise and introduction to new media and skills. I have now started painting with Acrylics, Inks and Mixed Media which give such vibrant colours and freedom.

I have been on some fantastic painting holidays in recent years to Malawi and Zambia, Morocco, France and Italy. What fantastic experiences to actually paint in the wild and countryside. I’m now the proud owner of a fabulous sketchbooks, with plenty of material for future paintings. I’m lucky enough to of travelled quite widely, to exciting places such as Australia, Africa, Texas, India, Italy and Russia. So I have plenty more material just waiting for my brushes.

Im constantly searching for new subjects in my sketch books, photos and whilst out and about. Usually, when I hit on a subject that I find interesting, I will paint numerous paintings of that subject - all the time experimenting, trying different approaches and media. Eventually moving onto something new.

In my studio I have a great view of our garden and the birds who visit. So I let my mind wander, loose track of time, with my brushes, paint, paper, pastels, inks – and transport myself back to those travels or scenes.

I get a great thrill from painting and hope to bring what I see and remember, into an exciting picture for others to enjoy.